Going on a Dubai Dhow Cruise? Know Your Dhows

Dhows are synonymous with the Arabian way of life, book a cruise especially coast-hugging places like Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman. These wooden boats have long been associated with the history of the Middle East and have contributed greatly to the region’s high economic status.

Most tourists who book a dhow cruise package in Dubai barely know that these boats used to be employed for every aquatic activity from pearl diving to fishing to transport and trade. The modern dhows may be constructed with steel and GRP, but dhow artisans who produce shell-built (a planking method used to build boats one plank at a time) dhows made from sturdy wood, still exist.

The shapes of their hulls distinguish traditionally constructed dhows, with some notable types being the Ghanjah, Battil, Boum, Badan and the Baggarah. Some come with sails while some can fit only two people.

For tourists going on Dubai dinner cruises however, the sturdier Boum or Shu’ai models are used. To get in the spirit of your Dubai dhow cruise, why don’t you ask your dhow sailor about the kind of boat you have stepped on?

You could even pick out a souvenir of your Dubai or UAE dhow cruise after you are done with it. Some dhow companies sell miniature keepsake dhows made of wood, plastic and even metal. Ask your tour operator to point you towards some good ones, or at least a souk where you could pick these curios. or more info plese visit here:- cruises booking
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Going on dhow dinner tours in Dubai is like going back in time to experience a piece of history. I hope you remember these interesting facts about dhow boats when next you step on to one.



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