An Insight Into Why Our Small Business Community Always Gets The Shaft

As a prolific online writer who spans hundreds of topics, recently I was setting up file boxes for news and magazine clippings – as references for my various articles. Feeling that I have a pretty good handle on nearly all human endeavors, regions, countries, continents, industries, and areas of science, as well as knowledge of the politic, economy, weather, etc; I began methodically labeling file folders to hold all my news, and magazine clippings. Yes, I am an anomaly when it comes to that wide range of topics, but let me tell you what I found. techpiled

Even though, I’ve been in business all my life, I had not made a folder labeled “Small Business” and for some reason it had slipped my mind, you’d think someone like me would have made that the first file-folder, but its skipped my mind as I was considering Industry and all the flows of civilization, and all the topics fast-moving sciences. You know things like; the energy sector, automotive industry, transportation-distribution-shipping, personal tech, water, education, environment, Bio-Tech, Aerospace, Nano-Tech, etc. realisticmag

Yet, it wasn’t until I came across a small pile of articles on the economy having to do with small business that I realized the “Small Business” topic deserved a file folder all to its own, as it is a vital part of our way of life and economy, it should not be lumped into “Corporate News” or just plain old “Business” because it represents everything America is about. Small Businesses are a good 75-80% of our employment base. As a former franchisor, I was a little angry at myself for missing that in my file box.

Indeed, by that time I’d burned through my package of 25 file folders, so I am off to the local Office Max to pick up some more in a few minutes. But, this whole thing got me thinking: “If someone like me who has been in various businesses of their own for 30-years forgot to consider this, then no wonder our political leaders, those who’ve perhaps never had to make a payroll, put our small business community last in line.” mommasays

And as ashamed as I am at myself for making this mistake on my file folder box and then the humility it takes to admit it, I can assure you that we have a problem in the US with the understanding of the true value of our small business community, which provides most all of the jobs, and brings us so much. It’s time to elevate their status, and stop giving them the shaft. So, today, I reflect on this, I hope you will do the same. Please consider it. For more Info please visit these sites:-



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