How a Blogging KIT Beats a Newsletter KIT For Building Your Expert Coach Status

A KIT is your Keep-In-Touch strategy. The better (frequent, consistent, and valuable) you keep in touch, the better you grow your image as an expert coach (clients gravitate toward experts!). fusionblog

Many coaches struggle to implement their newsletter KIT on a consistent basis because it’s a lot of work.

Newsletters are associated with a big production including articles, tips, offers and more – akin to print newsletters.

So, for a coach, a new coach at that, to start a newsletter can be a bit of work to get off the ground and a pain in the butt to keep going. omegawriter

Add to that, the newness of marketing, the newness of building a business, and the newness of business writing. That’s a lot.

Enter blogging.

Blogging is writing short (can be long) frequent posts (articles, tips, comments, anything goes) by an individual usually for a specific audience. It’s then posted to the blog.

How blogging is a better KIT than doing newsletters for new coaches:


  • Blog entries can be shorter articles. So, it’s faster to write. Great for an emerging coach.
  • They are often more of a one-to-one, conversational type of communication, like an email to a friend. So, to write it is very natural. You don’t need to be an expert writer.
  • You can publish a blog post very quickly – simply write it and click publish. Much less of a production than a newsletter. universalblogs
  • With the various tools (RSS, social networks) it’s easy to send your blog post to your readers and to potential readers. Once setup, it’s automatic.
  • Blogging tends to be more fun because you can write and publish at the spur of the moment – when a great idea pops into mind.
  • Search engines like websites with newer, fresher content and blogging is a good way to appeal to search engines – bringing you more visitors.

A Blog KIT strategy is a great way for new coaches (seasoned ones too) to quickly create and send valuable content to people – thus building trust, familiarity, and your expert coaching status. For more info please visit these sites :-

Kenn Schroder, specialist in websites for coaches, helps business, career and life coaches coaches create client-attracting websites.



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