Paper Scanning Services – Why Transition To Paperless Office System Pays

If you have been considering employing paper scanning services and electronic management software then you are reading the right report. Here, we will briefly argue for the reasons why moving into a paperless office system pays dividends for your business. 3d scanning service

Regardless whether you are a big business, or an one man or woman show, in most businesses, success leaves clues. In your case, the clues are in the form of paper. Paper applications, paper forms with client information, paper everywhere. And as the piles of paper mount, so does the cost of keeping them. But there are more costs to consider when deciding on employing paper scanning services.

The increasing costs of storing paper information are: Storage costs, Retrieval costs, Cost in loss of quality of retrieved data, and Restocking costs. Let’s look at all four and look at some pointers of how much they are costing you in lost profits.

Storage costs of paper documents

If a 1000 documents cost you 1 square foot to store, and you keep your documents in a high-rent facility somewhere down town with rents of $10/sq. ft., then you are paying $120/year for the thousand documents, or $1,200 in ten years. Do the math. The same 1000 documents would cost you peanuts to store electronically using a document scanning company. And what if you have 10,000 documents?

Retrieval costs of paper records

It gets worse when it comes to retrieval costs of paper documents. In the perfect world, it should not cost you more to retrieve a single document regardless of whether you have 10, 100, or 10,000 documents total. However, in practice, the storage rooms go bigger, the storage systems go more complex, and with a higher number of paper documents, the single document retrieval time and cost grow. You may notice that you are starting to lose some documents too, implying “infinite” retrieval cost. With the appropriate indexing services included in your document conversion services or software, the retrieval costs are practically unchanged regardless of how many paper documents you convert and index. adhd wisconsin

Loss of quality of retrieved data

Even when documents do not get lost, with increasing number of documents it becomes highly prohibitive to search for documents by any other index than the storage index, such as the first and last name. If you want information from, say “all the patients with XYZ disease”, you will have to go through the entire archive unless you have designed the storage from the very outset to be categorized by the disease type. You will simply be unable to pull out any useful statistical information quickly if you stick with paper based information recording. On the other hand, using scanning solutions with optical character recognition, OCR scanning included, highly relevant and diverse data can be retrieved in a snap.



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