What You Need to Know About Getting Your Financial Planning Diploma

Level 4 J05 Diploma in Financial Planning Exam

The Financial Planning Diploma is the minimal requirement for one who is intending to work as a financial planner or adviser. This essentially demands a minimum of 140 credits – 80 of which needs to be at the diploma level or higher or level 4. The module of the J05 focuses on Income Pension Options, as this is one of the mandatory six subjects which will be needed for authorisation after 2012 December. It could similarly be utilized to Level 6 credits for Financial Chartered Planner status.

Covered Subjects:

J05 covers rules which manage benefits for retirement at their date of crystallisation, the tax and risk treatments of the option secured pension, the tax and risks treatment of the available unsecured pension up to 75 years of age, the tax and risks treatment of the secure alternative pension accessible if an individual reaches 75 years of age, the utilization of the yield critical in income withdrawal advising as well as its investment effects, the available benefits to an investor who is sick, the State retirement benefit choices, diploma of security and risk management as well as the involved issues in offering continuous advice on benefits for pension to a slew of clients.

Main Features:

The J05 is a two-hour exam which is worth twenty credits and is considered to take a hundred hours of time to study, however this could likely depend on the individual. Edinburgh, Leeds, London and Liverpool are a few of the cities in UK which have venues for testing for the exam 3 times annually, namely July, April, and October. Similar to other J tests, the J05 contains 15 compulsory short-answer questions and the nominal 55% passing mark.

Study Aids:

The Brand FT mock papers exam and the Workbook for Calculation are best in assisting candidates pass the J05 test the first time they take it. Accessible either as a taster set at no cost or as a full set for purchase of 3 complete Q&A papers, mock paper exams contains questions which are set in the similar CII format questions, though they are not actually the same. The questions are regularly updated to show amendments to the exam syllabus or new tax regulations and rules. The Workbook for Calculation contains more than 60 pages of questions and calculation answers which are referenced to the study relevant CII material. The Calculation Workbook and papers can be obtained in.pdf format which ensures that candidates have access to them through electronic means. The study aids have a Brand FT 14-day money-back guarantee. The monthly Brand FT newsletter is a useful study guide and is filled with articles as well as exam updates and can be acquired at no cost.



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