A Baby Bib For All Occasions

Dribbling babies and toddlers have been part of growing up since the creation of mankind. There are early medieval paintings showing babies with loose fitting cloths around the neck as they are being fed and no doubt the practice goes much further back in history. As any parent will tell you, the amount of saliva and regurgitated milk, and later food that comes out of the baby’s mouth is not far off what actually goes down the correct way! A Baby bib is not just for mealtimes. All that dribbling and blowing of raspberries means clothing below the chin is soaked before the end of the day and therefore needs protection.

There is a standard pub quiz question about how much saliva is produced in the life of an average person living till the age of 75 years. The answer can vary a little but given that an adult produces between one and a half to one and three quarters of a litre of saliva each day, teething bibs then the answer is in the region of an astonishing forty thousand litres! Any parent of a teething toddler will not be so surprised at this and will probably wonder why half the sum total seems to be dribbled out in the first three years.

Teething seems to be the cause of a lot of dribbling and this happens at different times for different babies. A rare few are born with one or sometimes more teeth but for the majority teeth appear anytime up to a year and occasionally older. Unfortunately not only does teething result in more dribbling, but the discomfort of teeth cutting through the gums is a painful business which results in much crying and sleepless nights. (Not just for the baby).

Saliva itself is of course a natural and essential part of life. As it consists of 98% water it is harmless and will not be the cause of chin rash on the baby. It contains enzymes which are the much needed natural compounds necessary to begin the digestive process. There are even antibacterial parts to saliva. If your child gets a chin rash, it is likely that the chin is rubbing on clothing or he or she is wearing an ill fitted bib. The material of the baby bib is an important consideration when you are buying. Absorbent soft towelling for the front and the opposite for the reverse side gives best results. Also you should choose quality bibs that are going to take a lot of washing.

In so many different ways the World Wide Web has changed the lives of us all and with Mothers working or otherwise too busy to trawl around the high street, the ease with which you can view merchandise online is a revolution that a generation earlier would never have believed could exist. It is now so simple to view and buy on the internet, from the comfort of your home with baby asleep nearby or crawling at your feet. With doorstep delivery and with suppliers offering a return policy if the item is not as expected, this is an easy and secure way to shop.



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