What is Stress Relief: Part 2

Knowing what stress is, is the first step at knowing how to deal with it. Knowing what types of stress there is helps even further. gudu

There are a few simple groups you can place stresses into…


Physical Stress: Are stresses that tax your physical frame. Injuries, falls, bumps, hobbijaim sprains, strains etc. These put undue stress on your joints, muscles, ligaments etc. If there is too much stress then injuries in sport, home or work may happen.

Gravity fits into this category. So you need to look at ways to reduce Physical stresses, so that injuries are less likely. But also if you have less physical stress, you expend less energy combating it, which in turn releases energy back into your system to use elsewhere.

Immune Stress: is stress which affects your ability to prevent disease, infection but also includes stresses on most of your organs. Liver, bowel, receptek lungs, kidneys etc.

Food and all its additives, colorings are stressful to the body. Fast foods, junk foods, foods high in fats, sugars etc.

But also, environmental stresses affect the immune response. Allergies, whether it is the Hay Fever season, pollens, grasses etc tax the respiratory system. Pollution does also.

Infections that go through the school yard, community and work place are all immune stresses.

Emotional Stress: this is always the area you attribute most stress to. The work place antics, the home life with all its pressures, families including the extended family, including in-laws etc.

Is depression for example a stress?

No. It is a result of your inability to deal with stress. Grief, sadness, depression, anger etc are all reactions to stress. If your ability to deal with emotional stresses increase, olcsobbszerviz then you tend to respond to stress rather than react to it.

The emotional stresses around you are numerous; they tend to be pressures exerted on you from work mates, bosses, family, work commitments etc. Can you eliminate these? Mostly you can’t, you still have to go to work, and deal with the people around you.

But if you have the mechanisms to deal with emotional pressures then like I said before, you should be able to shrug off the emotional pressures without feeling their ill-effects.

If you deal better with the day to day pressures emotionally, then the major upheavals will be managed better. Life is emotional, if you have a death in the family, lose your job, divorce/separation; these will always knock you around emotionally.

However, if you have a better resistance to stress then the physical effects of emotional stress shouldn’t happen. Major stresses will be emotional, but should not hit you physically, the immune system should still function correctly, energy should remain high etc.

Look at emotional stress this way….

If you were put in front of an audience of 10,000 people, asked to give a speech on something you knew little about. Most of you would be nervous, agitated, and stressed completely. You would have an upset stomach, feel jittery and jumpy, probably snap at people, etc.

However, if you took away all the physical ill-effects of stress, the nervous stomach, the jumpy muscles, and the quivering voice etc. If there was only the emotional stress, but no physical effects. Then the speech wouldn’t feel stressful.

You would have nothing going wrong physically,  mentally your brain was calm, energy was high. Then the speech would be no problem at all.

Dealing with emotional stresses allows this to happen. Can you eliminate emotional stress? No. But you can learn to deal with it better.

So stress is all around you and also within you (emotionally), can you change this and make life better. Sure!

Learn to deal with all stresses, not just the emotional, the physical and immune stresses. Learn to reduce stress quickly and easily, use techniques that cover all stress. Stress is said to be the number 1 killer today. Reducing stress is a life saver; you just need to know what to do and how to do it.

Fast Stress Relief [http://www.fast-stress-relief.com/index.html]

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