Can I Really Make an Honest Living Doing Mobile Detailing of Mobile Car Washing?

Folks often ask me in my retirement if they can make a living washing and waxing cars using a mobile set-up. Now then, in this question and answer session today on the Mobile Washing Sector, we will discuss Pricing Structures, Earning a Living, workout and Collections on receivables. The first question is:

“What can I expect to earn a year?”

This entirely depends on your market mix, efficiency of scheduling, but you should work at a fast paced and price yourself to gross between $1-2 per minute, with 2-man crews for car washing at office buildings or auto detailing. Fleets should be a 2-4 dollars per minute. This takes practice and a lot of business to stay busy and as you add units, you better share profits with crew leaders or they will steal you blind, Keto you cannot trust humans. Just like you cannot trust a Christian who run around telling you “You can trust me, I’M A CHRISTIAN!”

You ask: “How do you collect payment?”

First, in times of recession, large corporations pay really slow, letting their vendors finance their cash flow so they can maintain shareholders equity and quarterly profits, expect to be 120-days out and government, well heck, they are even worse, side hustle stack you can expect 120-180 days out on receivables from all levels of government. So, when bidding contracts with the government, be sure to write in 2;10, n/30; Anime 2% per month late. And make them stick to it, as they will try to pay you late without paying you interest, imagine if you tried to pay your taxes late and told them tough luck?

If you are doing office washing you should have mobile-cellular credit card payment options, collect checks in a collection box at the front desk during wash day. Detailing customers, Baked bars carts i.e. 4 washes per month, one detail, topsuomi should be automatic credit card draw to your account. Be careful with online collections, because someone will order services, then not be there, you already charged the card, they demand a refund and you have too many of those, your interest rates go up on your merchant accounts and you run into sticky situations.

You know, I hope you do not mind me being frank with you. Because, most of the so-called experts in this industry are so utterly full of Bull, bar trivia company new york that it is just amazing sometimes. I’d rather just tell it like it is and this industry sector is hard work, good labor is hard to come by and you could lose all your money and go broke, so be smart about it, if you decide to start your own business washing and detailing cars. rozbawieni



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