How to Take Great Pet Portraits

Pets are the cynosure of our eyes, whether they be canaries, cats, dogs, rabbits or any other animal. They love us in a most complete way, and we love them back the same way. Capturing timeless pet portraits is a great way to treasure your companionship for many years to come. Though we may click away our pet’s portraits, there are very few photographs that remain timeless for us. Here are five ways through which you can improve the quality of your pet’s portraits.

Face to face

Most pet photographs tend to be taken from a human viewpoint at that height. However, for a change, it may be good to kneel down and take a portrait from the pet’s level. This approach helps to better capture your pet’s eyes and eliminate the background clutter. Pet Portraits

Use lighting to your advantage

Most pet portraits get taken within the comfort of one’s home using artificial lighting. We also tend to rely heavily on the flash, the lighting from which not only creates the red eye effect but often also startles/ frightens the pet from giving more photos. Expert photographers thus suggest that you use the natural light available for your advantage. The early morning light and the evening light offer good scope for great portraits. Try to take pictures out of your home, in safe surroundings.

Use camera settings wisely

Most cameras today are equipped with high end features that allow scope for a wide array of adjustments. However, we are often unaware of how these settings can help us take good portraits. For pet portraits, experts advise that you adjust the shutter speed to a higher level. As pets are quick to move and can’t sit still for long, this feature can be of great help.

Have patience

One needs to practice extreme patience while taking photos of animals. That is because animals seldom sit still to give the perfect pose. You may need to take many shots, before you find one that is perfect for your requirements. Cranky, irritable or unwell animals may also refuse to pose for photos. Take snaps only when your pet is healthy, active and well fed.

Use effects to your advantage

If you are still unhappy with the kind of effects created by the digital photo, it is time to try out new photo portrait styles. You can consider converting your pet’s photograph into a pop art style such as monochromatic, classic Warhol or even a comic Lichtenstein. Ready-made software available off the Internet can help you achieve so too at less costs. However, if you want a professionally done job, you can work with pop art studios to design the required look. These studios will give you the finished portrait, on mediums of your choice, ready to display wherever you require.

Pet portraits are commonly invested in today, as timeless pieces that capture your best moments with the pet. While these can focus just on the pet, you can also take portraits with you and your pet, a great way to show the wonderful bond you share. If you are looking for professional support, do check out questions that you need to ask. Pop arting such portraits looks great, and can create fabulous results from the innumerable styles.



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