Puppy Pad Training

When you have a new puppy one of the first things you need to teach your puppy is how to use puppy training pads.

Puppy pads are basically absorbent pads that have a special scent that attracts the puppy to relieve itself on the training pad. You can buy these online at pet supply stores at very cheap prices. lumecreation

Using puppy pad training isn’t the best choice in every situation. It is easier to house train your puppy to relieve its self outdoors, but if you do not have a backyard and cannot take your puppy outdoors frequently then using pads can be very helpful.

Using puppy pads is easier to clean then stains on carpets or floors. So if you have decided to use puppy pad training then here are a couple of useful tips. metrowater

– Always keep the pads in the same place.
– If you can see signs that your puppy needs to go then pick it up and take it to the training pad.
– Take your puppy to the training pad especially after it eats or drinks. tobabet4d-slot
– At first accidents will happen, do not be rough with your puppy, simply say No! and take your puppy to the training pad.
– Praise your puppy when it goes on the pad and give it treats.

Overall, buy puppy online training your puppy to use the training pads will take time and patience so be prepared! Have a puppy stain and odor remover nearby and remember to always praise and reward your puppy for going in the right place.



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