Ways in Which Time is Wasted

There are twenty four hours in each day. Everyone actually gets the exact same amount of time. It is interesting to note however that some people misuse or have time leakages even in the hour of peak productivity. It is important to note that success or failure happens over the passage of time. What you shorpnews do with your minute has a bearing on the general outcome of your life. The quality of activity in one minute when compounded or accumulated spells out the magnitude of impact you make both now and in times to come. Some choose to ensure that their time is spent productively while others observe as time is lost. Time that is lost can never be recovered. Picture this, ooceanofgames the minutes you will spend reading this article can never be re-lived. Once they are gone it is just like a one way street, you can not go back and reclaim the last mile. You have to take charge of the next mile based on how you have lost time in the last mile. I have seen people who involve themselves in crying over what lays in the past instead of embracing a new day, a new beginning. moderntimes

How people easily lose time

– Idle chatter viraltechnolgy – Sometimes friends can call you up and talk a lot about nothing in particular. Ask yourself at the end of the conversation the question “what was this call for”. If you can safely spell out the benefits arising from the last 10 minute call then that call was worth it. If you can not do that then know that you were in an idle chatter loop. Avoid people with such tendencies. Find a way to avoid them without hurting their feelings. You will obviously not say it in black and white but find a way to avoid such calls. mastermovers

– Online chat that goes nowhere – It is interesting how a tool such as the internet can be so useful and yet someone else may start abusing the facility pannimanagement by spending 90% of the productive time connecting with friends and strangers. I will not be drawn to point fingers at specific tools but in a majority of cases, online chatting stands in the way of productivity in business. I am talking from experience here. There are times when I personally open certain sites which end up being addictive, you just cant wait to hear how the next person is doing. It seems exciting and before you know it the day is gone and none of the items on the TO-DO list have been tackled. Be careful to chat during non-business hours or risk not having the internet totally. bishamconsulting

– Unplanned visits – When I started out in business, I never wanted to disappoint friends and close relatives who just wanted to come to my office to “kill time” or spend time talking when I was supposed to build my business, seeking counsel etc. when bcgame I realized the impact that this was making on the lack of growth in my business, a new rule came into place. I refused to speak to people who did not set appointment. People do not enjoy such organized ways of running life and business. Once you introduce such things you are branded a snob or someone who is prideful. I would rather have the label and be productive as I work to setup a legacy for my grandchildren than be compliant while destroying all I have built. There is a time and place for entertainment of guests.

– Refusal to ask for information – The easiest and very common way of losing time or wasting it is by attempting things you have no skills or experience in without asking for help. It is sad that things that can take minutes to do can sometimes take days if done by someone who does not have the right exposure or access to a better way of doing things. ricoh

– Arguments with fools – Argumentative people enjoy debating on issues even those that do not build. They enjoy winning debates without any positive benefit to their pocket. Spending time in debates of no value is a way of letting go of important time.

Rabison Shumba is a young African entrepreneur who has interests in Information and Communication Technology, Agriculture and Mining. He is also a motivational speaker, trainer and author. His book, The Greatness Manual and various online articles are tools for personal and professional development. Together with 100 other Career Experts, Rabison co-authored the 101 Great Ways to Enhance your Career. Rabison has a personal vision of impacting the lives of children in marginalized communities by creating platforms for career counsel and guidance, information empowerment and capacity building through the Greatness Factory Trust, newsbreak where he currently holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Acting Executive Director. He is actively involved in the organization of career enhancement and guidance colloquiums to propel and inspire both young and mature professionals to greatness.



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